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Make your life more organized with our diverse line of innovative space saving features and designer accessories. In order to provide maximum storage, we offer two different depths, 24” and 15” - a large comparison to the 14”

industry standard. The system

is all wood and for added strength and durability, our vertical dividers and shelves are 1” in thickness.
We not only take great consideration for your needs, but we also care for the environment. Our Studio Becker product line only offers cabinetry

that is sustainable, non-toxic and formaldehyde free. This makes our product safe for you, your family, and our world.

You deserve the luxury of a private wine cellar in your own home. Whether you desire a traditional cellar or one with complete refrigeration, we offer a variety of woods to select from; however 90% of our custom cellars are designed in all-heart redwood. This wood contains a natural resistance to decay and mildew and does not possess odors that can taint wines. Personalize your cellar with custom features that will make your cellar unique. Choose from hand painted porcelain tiles, canvas paintings, lit archways, rack lighting, raised panel ceilings, cellar doors and much more.


Entertainment as well as organization is important to all

of us.  Our home theater and

office systems are designed with performance and functionality in mind.  Our tech-savvy designers design according to your needs

as well as the needs of the audio visual and office equipment. We

pride ourselves in offering the

most innovative features available

on the market. We offer a variety

of wood finishes as well as the

ability to design your custom cabinetry at any width, depth

and height to fit whatever your

space needs.